Market Opens December 11, 2021
12 - 7pm
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Are pets allowed at WinterMarkt?
While we’d love to see your beloved pets, we unfortunately cannot invite them in due to State and local laws related to food and beverage service. So please leave them safely at home unless they are a registered support animal with visible certifications or markings. Thank you!
What times does WinterMarkt open?
The hours for the Herndon WinterMarkt are December 11, 2021 from 12pm noon – 7pm. Prior to the event, volunteers and vendors will be setting up according to their preassigned roles and schedules, but the gates will not open to the public until exactly noon.
What about weather?
WinterMarkt is an all-weather event and we are open rain, snow or shine! The market will only shut down in the event of severe weather as instructed by the national weather service. At that point, we will post messages of closure on the home page of our website and our social media outlets.
Is there a fee to get into WinterMarkt?
There is no entrance fee for the Herndon WinterMarkt. Fees are incurred if you choose to purchase items from vendors. Additionally, this community event supports local charities so donations at the designated locations are appreciated, with net proceeds going to specified charitable organizations.
Where can I park?
Limited parking is available at adjacent lots and via on-street parking. Many of the residential neighborhoods near where WinterMarkt is held also permit street parking. Please watch for any posted street signs and warnings, and secure your valuables, as the Herndon WinterMarkt, its hosts and sponsors, and any affiliates are not responsible for violations or damage.
Is there handicap parking available?
Yes, handicap parking is available. Designated handicap spots will be posted here closer to the event.
What is the address to the Herndon WinterMarkt?
The 2021 Herndon WinterMarkt will be held on lower Lynn Street in front of the Herndon Municipal Building (777 Lynn Street).
What forms of payment are accepted?
Both credit cards and cash are accepted at most booths. Some vendors may accept additional electronic forms of payment or checks, as well.
Is smoking permitted at the market?
Tobacco products are permissible while on the Market premises (up to and including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vape pens and pipes). However, we ask that you be considerate of neighbors near you and also properly extinguish and dispose of any wastes as a result.
Do I need permission to use an unmanned aircraft system (“drone”) at the WinterMarkt?
Yes. Drones may not be used at the Herndon WinterMarkt unless prior approval has been obtained in writing from the WinterMarkt committee.
Does the Herndon WinterMarkt have Wheelchairs or strollers for rent?
Sorry, but at this time we do not.
Is there seating available?
There are some public benches. If you need a longer respite, there are many restaurants and merchants within 1-2 blocks who will welcome you for a drink or food.
Are restrooms available?
There are some portable toilets available. Nearby restaurants and businesses may allow use of their restrooms to paying patrons.