Market Opens December 14, 2024
12 - 7pm
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Herndon WinterMarkt Ornament
Experience the Tradition of Herndon Wintermarkt
Hosted by the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce
Market Opens December 14, 2024!12pm – 7pm
Mixing Old and New Family Traditions
to Make The Holidays Especially Bright
The Herndon WinterMarkt is bringing the old world charm of Christmas in Europe to community-oriented Herndon, Virginia. The holiday market tradition stretches back to Saxony, Germany during the middle ages. Over the centuries, the joys of the traditional Christmas markets spread from town to town, and around the world! These markets feature a delightful blend of holiday food, drinks, gifts, and decorations and have become well-known for their hand-crafted Christmas decorations, wood-working, artwork, and textiles. Today, millions of people enjoy Europe’s Christmas markets each year.
Our market is focused on showcasing the diversity of our community and the surrounding DC Metro area, in our lovely historic town. We are family-focused with events, entertainment and items for all members of the household while bringing the charm of this European tradition to Herndon. It is an additional way to involve our neighbors, civic organizations, and businesses in Herndon’s holiday traditions and we are grateful for everyone’s participation and support.
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Herndon’s 2022 WinterMarkt event was the largest vendor event in our history! Check out this video and meet the vendors who helped make this a cherished event.
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German diplomat Niels v. Redecker is ready to join us in Herndon for the new WinterMarkt. Hopefully he will feel like we have brought a little of his native home’s charms to the US.
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Herndon’s first WinterMarkt celebration was attended by over 7000 people! Check out this video to relive the highlights and learn more about this new annual tradition.
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The German Embassy says Herndon’s WinterMarkt, which is sponsored by the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, is one of the best German-style markets in the U.S.
2019 Herndon WinterMarkt Experiences

Traditional Christmas Market in Tallinn, Estonia

Betsy Testimonial
“I loved this event. We saw traditional German dancing and heard a traditional German band. We drank delicious tea, ate a pretzel, bought some gifts.”
Betsy Testimonial
“I enjoyed the time I was able to spend today at the Christkindlmarkt!... definitely something people are hungry for this time of year!”
Betsy Testimonial
“Loved it! Beautiful and cozy.”
Betsy Testimonial
“A BIG success. I want to congratulate the team and Dulles chamber of Commerce on a job well done. The organization of the event was phenomenal…looking forward to next year.”
Betsy Testimonial
“This is a wonderful event and it’s a family event. You can look around and hear the music playing, and it’s the holiday season…that’s what it’s all about.”
Betsy Testimonial
“This was a really lovely event. I’m only sorry I didn’t take more pictures. Everyone was friendly, the entertainment was excellent. I just spent six months in Europe and this really felt like a proper market…”

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